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Stairway to the Stars



 Upcoming Changes to the Schedule to


accommodate for the weather…


In response to the CrAzY winter we are having, we are going to put our Weather Contingency Plan into action. **Please note: we have NEVER had to do this in 25 years at Stairway to the Stars! So, we are all breaking new ground together!


We will NOT be having pictures the week of February 25th. That will be a week of regular classes to help make up some time. Pictures will now be held during our Dress Rehearsal and Recital.

• Group Photos will be taken during Dress Rehearsal. Class moms will take the performers to the photo area either right before they line-up or right after they dance. We will have a dance teacher on-site to pose the groups.

• Individual Photos will be taken on the day of the recital starting at 11:00AM and continuing until the end of the second show. You can take your dancer/tumbler to the photo area for their individuals as it works into their performance schedule.


They say that necessity is the mother of invention. This may end up being a change that we love! Just think, you won’t have to rush home from work during picture week to get your kiddos ready! They already have to have hair and make-up done for the recital, so it should be easy!


All of that being said, we have always used picture week to sort out all of the issues (what tights go with what costumes, who needs a bra, who lost their earrings etc). So, I need everyone to actually read the instructions that were sent home!! Please do a practice run with make-up and buns! There is plenty of snow in the forecast for the next few weeks so take some of that indoor time to be sure you have everything sorted out.


• Competition Pictures will be taken on Saturday, April 13th. This is the day that we have a competition at the Community Center in Washington. Jeff Batterson will be set-up for pictures at the studio that same day. This will save you from having to get made-up on a separate day for pictures. We will put together a schedule after we see the schedule for the competition.


We WILL be having regular classes the week of the recital! Usually this is a week for extra rehearsals, making programs, loading the trailer, building scenery etc. But, we will hold all classes that week to make up some of the time we have given up to weather cancellations.


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