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Stairway to the Stars



 March Newsletter


**There is No School for Washington the week of March 18th-21st . We will still be having classes so, please email us if you will be on a Spring Break getaway!


If you are new to Stairway to the Stars please make plans to attend our Recital 101 Class! We will go over all of the logistics and details about our recital weekend and answer any questions that you may have. We want the Recital to be a great weekend for everyone!

Recital 101 Class: Sunday, March 10th at 3:00PM at Stairway to the Stars!


Our 25th Annual Recital is Saturday, May 11th at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort. The shows will begin at 1:00PM and 6:00PM. The doors will open 30 minutes prior to each performance.


We have a block of rooms for the Recital Weekend at the Riverside Casino. If you would like to book a room in our block please call 877.677.3456 and tell them you are with Stairway to the Stars.


A recital fee of $65 per family is due the first week of March. The recital fee covers some of the recital costs. Admission to the show is free. Those that have already signed up to be Class Moms will not pay a recital fee for their family!


We are in need of a number of volunteers to help make our recital run smoothly! I need 1 –2 mothers per class to serve as “Class Moms”. Class Moms must remain with their child’s class in the dressing room during the show, line up with them and go backstage with them. I also need parents to help backstage.

Please check out the Sign Up Genius form for available spots:


Dress rehearsal will be on Friday, May 10th from 5:30-9:00PM. Plan to arrive around 5:00PM to start getting dressed. Everyone will remain in the dressing room for dress rehearsal.


You will be receiving links to order the following next week:
• Flowers
• DVDs
• TShirts



Please be sure that your accounts are current and remember that they must be paid in full before the recital.


Registration information will be sent via email during early April.

You will only be eligible for the drawings at the dress rehearsal if you have registered for next year by that night.



Please review the included recital order and let us know if you see any conflicts. Although this order may change it is important for everyone to look at it so that we know if we need to make any changes.


Competition Dancers: If you would like to make a poster about yourself to display in the lobby at the recital you are welcome to do so! Everyone enjoys our “Hall of Fame” and checking out your pictures and awards!


Recital Order:

1. Monday 6:30 Tumbling (Kayla)
2. Thursday 5:00 Tumbling (Krisi)
3. Thursday 6:00 Tumbling (Krisi)
4. Monday 4:30 Tumbling & Tuesday 4:30 Tumbling (Kayla)
5. Monday 5:00 Tumbling (Kayla)
6. Monday 6:00 Tumbling & Tuesday 6:00 Tumbling (Amanda & Kayla)
7. Tuesday 6:30 Tumbling (Amanda)
8. Tuesday 5:00 Tumbling (Amanda)
9. Thursday 6:30 Tumbling (Krisi)
10. Thursday 4:00 Tumbling (Krisi)
11. Wednesday 5:00 Tumbling (Brooke)
12. Wednesday 6:00 Tumbling (Brooke)
13. Tuesday 7:30 Tumbling (Amanda)


1. Wednesday 6:00 Production (Missy & Kira)
2. Tuesday 6:00 Wee Dance (Kira)
3. Monday 6:00 Creative Dance (Erin)
4. Tuesday 6:00 Creative Dance (Erin)
5. Monday 5:00 Ballet (Erin)
6. Tuesday 5:30 Tap (Erin)
7. Wednesday 6:30 Clog (Mekenzie)
8. Monday 6:00 Clog (Missy)
9. Tuesday 6:00 Clog (Missy)
10. Wednesday 4:00 Ballet (Missy)
11. Thursday 5:00 Ballet (Mekenzie)
12. Monday 7:30 Tap (Erin)
13. Tuesday 7:00 Jazz (Erin)
14. Tuesday 7:30 Ballet (Kira)
15. Monday 4:00 Ballet (Missy)
16. Ballet – Monday 7:00 (Brooke), Wednesday 7:00 (Brooke & Tasha) & Tuesday 6:30 Ballet
17. Tuesday 5:00 Jazz (Missy)
18. Monday 5:30 Tap (Erin)
19. Tuesday 5:00 Ballet (Erin)
20. Tuesday 7:00 Hip Hop (Kira)
21. Monday 7:00 Jazz (Erin)
22. Tuesday 7:30 Tap (Erin)
23. Monday 8:00 Jazz (Brooke)
24. Tuesday 5:30 Tap (Missy)
25. Monday 5:30 Tap (Missy)
26. Tuesday 8:30 Jazz (Kira)
27. Wednesday 5:30 Tap (Mekenzie)
28. Thursday 6:00 Jazz (Mekenzie)
29. Monday 6:30 Ballet (Erin)
30. Wednesday 5:00 Jazz (Missy)
31. Tuesday 4:00 Ballet (Missy)
32. Tuesday 6:30 Tap (Kira)
33. Wednesday 8:15 Jazz (Tasha)
34. Monday 5:00 Jazz (Missy)
35. Monday 6:30 Tap (Missy)
36. Thursday 6:30 Tap (Mekenzie)
37. Wednesday 8:15 Jazz (Brooke)
38. Wednesday 5:30 Tap (Missy)
39. Wednesday 5:30 Hip Hop
40. Seniors


Stairway to the Stars

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