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Why lessons at Stairway to the Stars?

Stairway to the Stars offers children the experience they need to become successful learners, while experiencing the wonderful world of dance. Enhanced concentration, coordination and discipline are just a few of the skills learned at Stairway to the Stars that will help foster a healthy mind and body.

We make the dance experience stress-free for parents too with a clear, consistent schedule and a website, newsletters and office staff to keep you informed. We take care of everything from start to finish including shoe fitting and ordering! We are conveniently located in downtown Washington with four studios within our facility. This enables us to keep our regular schedule of classes within the week - keeping weekends free for family time.

Our Philosophy

Stairway to the Stars is committed to providing quality dance and tumbling classes to enhance the overall development of the child. We believe that children gain enormous benefits from proper dance training, whether or not a dance career is the goal.

Students are involved in a safe, enriched, child-centered environment that provides them the opportunity to explore dance with a qualified, nurturing staff. We encourage our students to develop a positive self-image. When children feel good about themselves they are free to learn and grow.