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Stairway to the Stars


September Newsletter



• If you are paying your tuition in one payment it is due the first week of September and will be subject to a $15 late fee after September 15th.
• If you are paying your tuition in two payments the first payment is due the first week of September and the 2nd payment is due the first week of January. A late fee of $15 will be applied after the 15th.
• If you are paying your tuition monthly we encourage you to sign-up for our auto-pay system. Your tuition can be automatically charged to your credit card.
• If you pay your monthly tuition by check please remember that your payment is due the first week of the month and is late after the 15th of each month – reminders will not be sent. A late charge of $15 will be added to accounts not paid by the 15th of each month. Reminder: tuition is a yearly charge, not a monthly charge. If you have chosen to make the 9 monthly payments they are due September – May.
• Sign-up for Online Payments!  Visit our online payment site:
You must sign up using the email that is associated with your account.



Costume charges will appear on your account at the end of September. You have the option of paying the entire balance in October or paying half in October and half in November. If your balance is more than $200 you may divide it into 3 payments which will be due in October, November and December.



If you don’t have the appropriate style and color of shoes please order or purchase them soon. **Reminder: all shoes must be purchased thru the studio for consistency in style and color.

Tumbling: No shoes needed
Jazz: Tan Slip-On Jazz shoes
Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoes
Tap: Tan Tap Shoes with Buckle Strap
Tuesday 6:30 & Wednesday 5:30 need black slip-on
Clog: Black Clog shoes
Hip Hop: Black Hip Hop Shoes
Creative Dance: Pink Ballet shoes
Wee Dance: Pink Ballet Shoes



We have very limited lobby space in our building so we kindly ask that parents not sit on the stairs or on the floor in the office or lobby to wait for their child – it just gets too crowded. On the same note, we do not have room for parents to sit in the studios during classes.



Please be sure that your child comes to dance and tumbling class in the appropriate attire. They should not be wearing school clothes, jean shorts, large t-shirts etc. Please be sure that their hair is up and out of their face. It is best to leave necklaces, watches and bracelets at home.

Take a few moments to put your child’s name on the inside of all of their dance shoes. It will save you lots of headaches later! Also be sure that your child has bag to keep their belongings in.



A few hints to help your child get the most out of their dance/tumbling lessons:
• Encourage your child and express your pride in their efforts and accomplishments.
• Make sure your child arrives on time and that he/she attends all lessons. Missing class can be discouraging when the child returns to class and has to catch-up on missed material.
• Encourage your child to practice at home, especially new material or choreography. A student who retains the choreography or movement from week to week is more confident and enjoys the dance experience more.
• Talk with your child about what they learned at dance class; encourage them to show you what they know. 



Recital tights will be ordered in December. If you have your tights from last year you must bring them in for approval by the office for re-use. ** Please note: we are changing to a different tan color. So, everyone will receive new tights for jazz/tap/clog/tumbling. The pink color will remain the same. If you do not bring your tights in to be checked, then you will receive new ones. Ballet classes, Creative Dance and Wee Dance will be wearing pink and all other classes will be wearing tan (stirrup for tumbling). Tights are $8 per pair and will appear on your account in January.



Looking ahead…
We are already seeking class moms and backstage help for our dance recital. A link to Sign Up Genius will be sent to you. We will waive your recital fee if you sign-up to be a recital class mom by December 1st!


Rooms are available for our Recital Weekend at the Riverside Casino. The room rate is $129.95 and the cut-off for our block is April 10th, 2019 (rooms only available until our block sells out which may be before the cut-off date).


We hope that everyone’s school year is off to a great start!


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(319)653-5648 or (888)DANCE36
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