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Stairway to the Stars



February Newsletter


**There is No School on Monday, February 19th in observance of Presidents Day but we will still have classes that day.


Pictures will be held during the week of February 26th.   Your pictures will be held on your normal class night, but possibly at a slightly different time.  Regular lessons will not occur during that week.  Pictures are being held at the dance studio this year.  Hair MUST be up for pictures.  Everyone should be wearing make-up.   We try to run ahead of schedule and ask that you be ready 30 minutes before your scheduled time unless you are the first picture – that one will be taken at the time listed.  Please make every effort to be at pictures as it is very important for us to have everyone in the group shots.  If you are unable to attend pictures please call the studio so that we don’t wait for you.  The schedule follows this page.


Soloists should bring their solo costumes to their regular class picture night and can have their picture taken in between classes.  Also, soloists are welcome to make a poster for the recital if they would like to.

Be sure that you have your name in EVERYTHING…shoes, tights, costumes etc.  It is much easier to return things if they have a name in them. J


A recital fee of $65 per family is due the first week of March.  The recital fee helps to cover some of the costs of the recital.  Admission to the show is free.


Our 24th Annual Recital has been set for Saturday, May 12th at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort.  The shows will begin at 1:00PM and 6:00PM on Saturday.  The doors will open one hour prior to each performance.  Recital Dress Rehearsal will be at the Riverside Casino on Friday, May 11th beginning at 5:30PM.




All pictures will be at the dance studio!!

Monday, February 26th                                                                                    Tuesday, February 27th

Photo Time Class Teacher Photo Time Class Teacher
4:00 Monday 4:30 Tumbling Kayla 4:00 Tuesday 4:30 Tumbling Kayla
4:15 Monday 5:00 Tumbling Kayla 4:15 Tuesday 5:00 Tumbling Kayla
4:30 Monday 6:00 Tumbling Amanda 4:30 Tuesday 6:00 Tumbling Amanda
4:45 Monday 6:30 Tumbling Amanda 4:45 Tuesday 6:30 Tumbling Amanda
5:00 Monday 6:00 Creative Dance Erin 5:00

Tuesday 5:00 Ballet & Tap

(only taking ballet picture)

5:15 Monday 4:00 Clog Missy 5:15 Tuesday 4:00 Ballet Missy

Monday 5:00 Ballet & Tap

(only taking ballet picture)

Erin 5:30 Tuesday 6:00 Creative Dance Erin

Monday 4:30 Tap & 6:00 Jazz

(only taking jazz picture)

Missy 5:45

Tuesday 5:00 Jazz & 5:30 Tap

(taking both group pictures)

6:00 Monday 6:30 Ballet Erin 6:00 Tuesday 6:00 Clog Mekenzie
6:15 Monday 5:00 Ballet Missy 6:15 Tuesday 6:30 Ballet Erin

Monday 6:30 Clog/7:00Tap

(only taking tap picture)

Missy 6:30

Tuesday 6:30 Tap & 8:00 Jazz

(only taking jazz picture)


Monday 7:00 Jazz & 7:30 Tap

(only taking jazz picture)

Erin 6:45

Tuesday 7:00 Jazz & 7:30 Tap

(only taking jazz picture)

7:00 Monday 8:45 Jazz Brooke H 7:00 Tuesday 7:00 Ballet Mekenzie
7:15 Monday 7:30 Ballet Brooke H

          Wednesday, February 28th                                                                                       Thursday, March 1st

Photo Time Class Teacher Photo Time Class Teacher
4:00 Solos, Duets, Trios 4:00 Solos, Duets, Trios
4:15 4:15
4:30 Wednesday 4:00 Ballet Kira 4:30 Thursday 4:30 Tumbling Krisi

Wednesday 5:00 Jazz & 5:30 Tap

(taking both group pictures)

Kira 4:45 Thursday 5:30 Tumbling Krisi
5:00 Wednesday 6:00 Tumbling Brooke A 5:00 Thursday 6:00 Tumbling
5:15 Wednesday 6:30 Tumbling Mekenzie 5:15 Thursday 6:30 Tumbling
5:30 Tuesday 7:30 Tumbling Amanda 5:30

Thursday 5:00 Jazz & 5:30 Tap

(taking both group photos)

5:45 Wednesday 6:00 Production Missy 5:45 Thursday 6:00 Clog Missy
6:15 Wednesday 6:00 Clog Mekenzie 6:00 Thursday 5:30 Tap Kira
6:15 Wednesday 6:30 Hip Hop Kira 6:15 Thursday 4:00 Ballet Missy
6:45 Wednesday 6:30 Tap Mekenzie 6:30 Thursday 8:00 Jazz Kira
7:00 “Your Momma Don’t Dance” Missy 6:45 Thursday 6:00 Wee Dance Kira
7:15 Wednesday 8:30 Jazz Brooke H 7:00 Thursday 7:30 Hip Hop Kira
7:30 Wednesday 8:30 Jazz Tasha 7:30 Thursday 6:30 Ballet Kira
7:45 Wednesday 7:00 Ballet Brooke H
8:00 Wednesday 7:00 Ballet Tasha

“Fruit Machine”

“I Want You to Want Me”


“What’s a Guy Gotta Do”

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